Can you believe that’s even a question? My gin lovers, you may all eye-roll in unison right now. 

We were actually asked that question a few times… “why gin?” Why produce gin and not tequila or bourbon or anything else? The number one reason is we LOVE gin! Des, Tim, and I wanted to create a spirit that we enjoy and would proudly share with the world. The Gin category is filled with variety from traditional styles to flavored Gins, Gins infused with herbs and spices to those which favor a single flavor – there’s always something for one & all.

Gin is our favorite spirit because of the diversity of botanical flavors you’ll find when exploring gin from different regions and distilling processes. Each gin can be completely unique and bold in its own way. Formulating a Gin recipe allowed us to get creative and customize the flavors we wanted to stand out. When choosing the ingredients and distilling process for Rally, the goal was to curate a spirit smooth enough to be sipped neat and balanced enough to mix nicely in a crafted cocktail. 

More good news – gin is also a healthy lifestyle friendly spirit. We don’t claim to be health nuts, however we do live a health-conscious lifestyle and want to feel good about what we put in our bodies. Gin has always been our go-to spirit because it’s low-calorie, relatively low in sugar, and juniper berries contain antioxidants making them considered to be a super fruit. Juniper berries also act as a natural diuretic, and the herbs used to make gin are known for their role in aiding digestion. Fun fact, in addition to its host of other health benefits, juniper was actually an old-world remedy for the pain of conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.


Please tell us why YOU love gin as much as we do!


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